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The fluidity and elegance of titanium meets the stiffness and lightness of carbon. The fusion of two development teams specializing in both carbon and titanium gave birth to an extraordinary frame that takes the best of its constituents. Add and exclusive look, extraordinary craftsmanship and you are presented with a frame that speaks for itself and honours its rider.

  • 3.2.5

    Titanium Grade 9

  • USM

    PAN high-strength fiber with increased stiffness

  • Why?

    Head tube gives the frame stability and saves weight. Two main triangle tubes provide riding comfort that only titanium has to offer. Seat tube with integrated seat post saves up to 500 g of the total weight. Fixed chain stays ensure required performance and  seat stays bring in a level of comfort that is highly appreciated especially on the long rides.


    Frame with the efficiency of carbon and comfort of titanium. Ideal for long rides in various terrains.

    ENVE Road 1 1/8
    Head tube:
    34 mm
    for 44 mm head tube (1 1/8”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”)
    Bottom bracket shell:
    86 / 41 mm (BSA optional)
    Rear hub:
    130 mm, QR
    Tires clearance:
    25 mm
    Rear derailleur hanger:
    Rear wheel axle space:
    130 mm
    Mechanical, EPS, Di2, eTap
    Seat post:
    31,6 mm
    Weight of frame:
    cca 1 150 g
    6 490 EUR inlc. VAT / 6 990 USD w/o VAT

    Illustrative photo.
    If you need more info, please contact our Director of Sales at mira@festka.com.

  • TiDropout

    Jewels that distinguish the frame from others.
    Titanium is a very light and almost indestructible material. The derailleur hanger is integrated, therefore stronger which benefits the shifting system and calls for less service. Taking the wheel out and replacing it is simple and fast.

  • Head Tube 44

    Feel free to choose the perfect fork that will suite the purpose of your rides. Be it the light THM fork, race oriented 3T or gravel suited one by Columbus. They will all fit thanks to 44 mm head tube and variable headset.

  • i ISP

    An Integrated seat post significantly lowers the weight of the whole bike. The full seat tube inclusive of the seat post lock equals the weight of the lightest seat post on the market. The seat post lock allows for 2 cm adjustment range. Festka ISP features 31.6 mm inner diameter that is constant throughout its full length. Changing ISP to a regular seat post is simple. Cut attach a sleeve and it’s done.

  • Disc brakes

    Hydraulic, mechanical, combined.
    It depends on our choice.


    The perfect bike is reliable in any situation any always serves it’s purpose. Our test rides out there are professionals whose opinion is our indicator of quality rather than numbers generated in the lab.

  • Top quality Japanese fibre used and loved by Formula 1 and the aviation industry

    The maximum performance potential is found in every millimeter of the materials we use. The end result is a top product outside of the mainstream. It simply stands out.

  • Differently better

    Our approach to carbon fibre is different from the rest of the world.
    Seamless Rocket tubes are wound from one ongoing piece of carbon fibre which makes them almost impossible to destroy.

  • Research & Development

    CompoTech is a leading producer of robotic carbon applications.
    Their development center generates innovations for Festka as well as for Jaguar and Tesla.

  • Super strong connections

    PAN Ultra high modulus fibre with increased stiffness, strength and reduced weight is used in both tubes and connections.

  • Full Custom

    Every single rider is equally important. It doesn't matter whether you are preparing for a world record or planning a weekend ride with friends. Our bikes are constructed to suit your needs and fit your body geometry. We are in full control of the whole construction process from the initial piece of carbon fibre to the final paint job.

  • Let the pampering begin

    Construction of your new bike is an experience to remember. We will guide you through it and let you observe and enjoy the whole process. We will invite you to take part in an initial ride to "Your New Festka's" destination. We are here for you, with you all the way and will let you be involved with your Festka to whatever extent that you chose. You don't have to know exactly what it is you need, you only need to tell us what it is you want and we will help you build the bike that fits you, your riding style and your attitude.

  • Important is everything

    We care about every tiny detail and only when all of the little things form an impeccable union, we let it out so that you can let out a sigh saying: WOW, another Festka.
    My Festka.

Miroslav Veselý

Miroslav Veselý

Director of Sales

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Vojta Hačecký

Retül Fitter, Geometry designer

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Tomáš Hnida

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Ondřej Novotný

Executive Manager

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Michael Moureček

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Pavel Brabec

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